1. perfect lamination
    perfect lamination
    hand sanded light finish uv colors
  2. 3d stickers
    3d stickers
  3. ultra lite mast box
    ultra lite mast box
    cnc custom made mast box 60% lighter than normal
  4. "space invaders" inserts
    "space invaders" inserts
    inox custom made four per strap
  5. "space invaders" inserts
    "space invaders" inserts
    cnc custom made Inox
  6. cnc custom made slot box
    cnc custom made slot box
    strong light slot box tested in laguna beach park
"space invaders" super strong long life footstrap inserts with m6 allen bolts in a compact and secure high density PVC sandwich
ultra light carbon innegra® mast box at least 60% lighter than normal mast box!
slot box strong and light!tested at shallow water of the Laguna beach park
Perfect lamination with uv resistant colors and ultra light handsanded coatings